My russian great-great-grandfather Trofim Ivanovich Razumovskiy and great-great-grandmather Agafija Martinovna Razumovskaja with the one of the grandsons – Vasilek (the end of XIX Century)

My russian great-grandfathers and great-grandmother (1916). From left: Elizaveta Trofimovna Razumovskaja, Vasiliy Trofimovich Razumovskiy and Maxim Trofimovich Razumovskiy

My russian grandfather Nikolay

My russian grandmother Anastassija Trofimovna Razumovskaja

My bulgarian great-grandfather Toma Nikolov Kotev with my grandfather Nikola Tomov Kotev

My bulgarian grandfather Nikola Tomov Kotev and my grandmother Slavka Koteva, 1912.

Frontline in Yugoslavia, Stracin, friends. October 1944. Second from left is my father Georgi Nikolov Kotev (with german automat and granade)

My father Georgi Nikolov Kotev, Frontline in Yugoslavia, Stracin, October 1944

My uncle Toma Nikolov Kotev (after the end of the Second World War)


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  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog – and for sharing this page about your family history! I’ve been researching my husband’s and my family roots also, and it is absolutely fascinating (he’s 8th generation Tasmanian) … =D

  3. Thank you Nikolay for your appreciation of my small collection of reports on the status of Jerusalem. Looking forward to digging into your work. Funnily enough it was only yesterday that I discovered in one of my rare chats with my daughter-in-law that she and I have something in common. I knew of her interest in history but this time she mentioned having studied early 20th century Russian history in depth at school – as had I but decades earlier. And now I receive you ‘like’ – a ‘God-incidence’?

  4. Wow. Family trees are very interesting. It’s amazing that you have all these pictures. I wish I could have pictures from my great-grandparents but I already tried to find something and it’s all lost :-(
    Congratulations for your blog!

  5. Какое красивое дерево семьи! Мой дядя сделал наш со стороны моего отца в семье. Я начал один на стороне моей матери. Удивительно то, что вы можете найти по Корни и ветви генеалогического дерева.

  6. Hi Kotev,
    thanks for liking my blog post, I enjoyed you’re genealogy post in photography. You have given me an idea to also capture my genealogy before it becomes too complex. Unfortunately for me I do not have photographs of my great great grand parents…thanks again for the giving me that idea through your post…


  7. I really liked your family tree, it’s so nice that you have all those pictures from so long ago!
    I wish I did :) All those pictures of those books were beautiful. The language is beautiful.
    Thank you for liking my post as well. :D

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