– MAY BE A TRUTH, MAY BE LIES…(The Truth is Out There). Second part


1958. Secret fighting kiborg

USSR, the end of XX Century

USSR, 6th March 1983


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  2. Great photos and presentation. The one with the saucer in the ice…crazy. (If it is real) Is it from a movie? Like the X Files or something? Anyway really great looking blog. I will follow with interest.

  3. Great blog. I’ve been interested in this almost since I could read. My dad was in the Air Force during the fifties in Alaska and Elsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. We lived about 5 miles from the base. Used to see things during the day and night that flew over us at speeds that varied from as slow as a person on a bicycle to speeds so fast that you weren’t sure if you saw anything. Often with no sound or air disturbance, and close enough it seemed I could touch it. Then in the sixties we moved to Dayton,Oh and Wright Patterson Air Base. He got out soon after that (1964) and never talked in depth about what he did. But he had some interesting books, tools and electronics that were fun to play and learn with.
    You have some interesting reading.
    Thanks for liking my blog.

  4. Truth, lie or fake. I’m assuming that the photos of the ice crevasse are related. The first image appears to shot at ground level, the crevasse is probably two meters wide and the upper layer of snow is probably 1.5 meters wide.
    The second image appears to be an aerial photograph and the the crevasse has expanded to approximately 10 meters at the widest point. This is an obvious matte painting.
    The details on the saucers don’t match.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  6. Hello, sir.
    I must say, I don’t read the Slavic languagez, but I do understand the jest of what is being suggested on your blog’ if this is all true, we have been deceived; but it certainly would not be the first time. Your title to your blog suggests that you are a scientist – is this true? What is your field of expertise? I really enjoyed you blogs! There ought to be more like you, who tell us things that educate, rather than merely tell stories that mean little to anyone. Is there any means by which you can verify the authenticity of the photos you have posted. I’d like to follow you as you continue with your blogging! You sound interesting.

  7. Unless you are a science FICTION writer, you should seek mental health care immediately. And please stop following my posts because you scare me.

  8. Hello Kotev1000, More fantastic pictures that make you think. The discovery of the Russian Roswell (if that what the first photos depict.) I have read about this before. The more incredible the pictures and stories the more believe there is so much being covered up! Very intriguing! Thank You for liking ‘The Triangular Shape’ Malctg

  9. Thank you for all your support … as always, great photos …. makes the mind think even more stretch ever more … great !