NOVOROSSIA. Message to the American cowboy from Ukraine, 3rd JUNE 2015

– NOVOROSSIAN VOLUNTEERS. Polygon. Episode 1 – Combat Diesel, 20th June 2015

– NOVOROSSIA. „This is Sparta, man!“ [#2 in NewsFront documentary series]




Full HD Russian Army Parade Victory Day, 2015

-With English subtitles!- This is the parade in Moscow’s Red Square, devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (what the Eastern Front of World War II is called in the former Soviet Union), 9 May, 2015. Giving the commemoration speech is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Over 11,000 military personnel participated in this event. Presiding over the military parade in Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu. Commanding the parade is Colonel General, Oleg Salyukov. Music by the Military Orchestra Service of the Russian Federation, directed by Lieutenant General, Valery Khalilov.

NOVOROSSIAN FORCES, Marinka, 3-4-5 June 2015

– THE NEW „STALINGRAD“. The novorossian Donbass.

Full Battle of Donetsk Airport – War in Ukraine 2014-15

Тhе video collection of the most epic and cruelest battle on the East Ukraine – the Donetsk airport battle. The battle was 242 days long. The loses of the both sides of the conflict contains more than 3000 people and hundreds of the armour vehicles, including 40 tanks.
The First Battle of Donetsk Airport was a conflict between pro-russia rebels associated with the Donetsk People’s Republic and Ukrainian government forces that took place at Donetsk International Airport on 26–27 May 2014, as part of the War in Donbass that began after the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. A second battle broke out at the airport on 28 September 2014.
Fighting between separatist insurgents affiliated with the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Ukrainian government forces broke out at Donetsk International Airport on 28 September 2014, sparking the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport, a part of the ongoing war in the Donbass region of Ukraine. This followed an earlier battle over control of the airport in May 2014, which left it in Ukrainian hands. The new battle was sparked despite a ceasefire agreement, called the Minsk Protocol, that had been in place from 5 September. At the start of the battle, the airport was the last part of Donetsk city held by government forces, and it lies between the separatist and Ukrainian lines of control. Heavy fighting over the airport continued into the new year, with some of the worst fighting having taken place in January 2015. On 21 January, DPR forces overran the government’s positions at the airport. The remaining Ukrainian forces were either killed, forced to retreat, or captured.

00:1100:49 – Donetsk airport before

00:5001:55 – During the morning of 26 May, pro-Russian rebels insurgents captured the terminal buildings of Donetsk International Airport, and demanded the withdrawal of government forces from the area.

01:5603:15 – 26-27 May: the National Guard of Ukraine issued an ultimatum to the insurgents, which said that they should surrender immediately. This was rejected, causing paratroopers to launch an assault on the airport, accompanied by airstrikes against insurgent positions. Attack helicopters were also used to target insurgent anti-aircraft guns. Lorries with separatist reinforcements were seen heading towards the airport. As evening fell, government forces pushed out the insurgents, who then launched a counterattack that was repelled by government forces. Sporadic gunfire was heard during the night, making it unclear if government soldiers were in full control of the airport. The next day, both Ukrainian and pro-Russian leaders confirmed that Ukrainian forces were in full control of the airport.

Second Battle of Donetsk Airport(28 September 2014 – 21 January 2015)
03:1631:32 – Battle commences: On 28 September DPR forces began a „concerted effort“ to retake Donetsk International Airport.

31:3333:34 – Ukrainian army and volunteers delivery provisions and ammunitions in Donetsk Airport
Footage – Eugene Lata…

33:3535:26 – Ukraine Forces defending Donetsk International Airport(Second Battle of Donetsk Airport)
Footage – BABYLON’13

35:2739:32 – pro-Russian rebels firing at ukrainian position in Donetsk Airport

39:3346:34 – Rebels(Sparta Battalion) attack and capture the old terminal
Footage – News-Front…

46:3552:17 – Sparta Battalion(old terminal) in heavy firefight with ukrainian forces(new terminal)

52:1858:04 – Heavy clashes and firefight as rebels advances into new terminal
Footage – News-Front…

58:0559:18 – The last day of the Donetsk airport battle. In a few hours the ceiling of the upper floor was blown up and almost all Ukrainian soldiers, so called „Cyborg“, have died.

59:191:02:27 – donetsk airport drone 15 January 2015
Footage – Юрий Касьянов…

1:02:281:07:33 – Rebels in donetsk airport march 2015